Services in temporary facilities

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Printed collections and borrowing, storing and returning material

For the duration of the Main Library renovation, services will be located in Mattilanniemi (Building A) and Ylistönrinne (Building YK) Campus Libraries (campus map).

Opening hours in temporary facilities

Printed course books and journals are in Mattilanniemi Library. The storage places for items ordered for reading room use are in Mattilanniemi Library. The research literature collection is located in Ylistönrinne Library. You can check the exact location of an item in JYKDOK.

There is no service point in Aalto Library located in the University Main Building C.

Loans and renewals (calls are answered during service hours) tel. 040 805 3803, 

Teaching and guidance in finding resources

The Library offers versatile teaching for the entire University community also during the renovation. Courses are held primarily in Building D in Mattilanniemi. You can see the location in Korppi when you sign-up for a course. Explore our curriculum and wide course selection.

We offer guidance in finding resources in Mattilanniemi Campus Library. You can also book a librarian for personal assistance in finding resources.

Information Services tel. 040 805 3803,

Support for research, open science and publishing

Our experts in research support, open science, data management and publishing work around JYU campus during the Main Library renovation. You can check their contact information from the JYU contact information search.

Data management:
Open access publishing, self-archiving and JYX repository:
Publishing services

Working space

During the main library renovation reading rooms and working space can be found in Aalto Library in Seminaarinmäki (University Main Building C), Building A in Mattilanniemi and Ylistönrinne Campus Library. Unfortunately there are no researcher rooms in our temporary facilities.

University of Jyväskylä EXAM room: Agora AgC221 
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